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We have the pleasure to introduce Timergara Corporation(pvt.) Ltd, an under the License No MPD 1962/MLK/2000 Certified Company, as one of the leading business organizations. Initially, In a short period of time,Timergara Corporation (Pvt.)Ltd. has successfully established itself as a quality service provider in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Our company is engaged in the areas of Manpower Supply Business, Consultancy services, Travel & Tours Operator services, Construction Services, Fabrication and Mechanical Services, HR Services, Janitorial Services, Trading, Import & Export and General Order Supplies. Our company has successfully completed various projects related to civil works,
fabrication, construction, and different projects are in progress as well. All the business areas are growing day by day and we are successfully achieving our targets. Due to the diversified nature of business our Firm switched over to private Limited Company as per decision of the partners. So, Our company Timergara Corporation (pvt.)
Ltd was incorporated in 2006 under the companies ordinance, 1962 and registered with the Company Registration office Islamabad, Pakistan. Timergara Corporation (pvt.) Ltd is Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA).Now Timergara Corporation (pvt.) Ltd is a well established and renowned company with a good
reputation in the business sector. On today’s demanding and highly competitive environment Timergara Corporation (pvt.) Ltd is dedicated in providing the reliable high quality professional and excellent services. The secret of our growing image in this field lies with the fact that our services desk are always active and dedicated to serve the people.
We at Timergara Corporation (pvt.) Ltd. are continuoulsly endeavoring to achieve excellence in service.